Fullon Hotel Kending-Transportation

Fullon Resort Kending

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By Car:
  • Take National Freeway No.1, turn to 88 Provincial Highway to Freeway No.8, and get off at Nanzhou Interchange. Then take 1 Provincial Highway which connects to 26 Provincial Highway to Kending. Go straight on Kending Road and arrive at the hotel after three minutes.
By Bus:
  • 1.Kaohsiung Bus: Kaohsiung – Kending http://www.ksbus.com.tw
  • 2.Pingrung Bus: Kaohsiung - Eluanbi http://www.ptbus.com.tw
  • 3.Kending Express: Zuoying, Kaohsiung – Xiaowan, Kending http://www.taiwantrip.com.tw/Besttour/Info/?id=14
By Train:
  • Get off at Kaohsiung Railway Station or Fangliao Station, and take a bus to arrive at the Hotel.
By Taiwan High Speed Rail:
  • Get off at Zouying Station, take Kending Express or a bus to arrive at the Hotel.
From the Airport:
  • Take a bus from Kaohsiung International Airport at Xiaogang or the Hengchun Airport at Pintung to arrive at the Hotel.

Suttle bus is provided from Zouying Station (THSR) to the Hotel with reservation upon booking the room.

Fare: Adult (including children taller than 140cm)NT$400 per passenger per trip、Children (those who are shorter than 140cm but still take a seat): NT$250 per passenger per trip. Free for kids under the age of three and do not take a seat.

Note: For safety issue, all passengers should be seated during the trip. All related inquiries will be answered upon your reservation.